County of York
July 11, 2022
York, Pennsylvania
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A brief description that summarizes the overall purpose and objective of the position and the results that are expected.

The Purpose of the York County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sheriff is to serve and support the citizens of York County and the Justice System through efficiency and professionalism. To provide care and secure custody of detainees, security of courthouse facilities, safety of employees and citizens, and to serve warrants and civil process in a diligent manner while protecting and respecting the rights of all.

General Requirements & Skills


Requirements are representative of minimum experience, training, knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Requirements are representative of minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities. To perform this job successfully, the incumbent will possess the ability or aptitude to perform each duty proficiently, and comply with county policies and procedures, as outlined in the York County Sheriff’s Office policy manual and York County Employee Handbook.
  • Must successfully complete Deputy Sheriff’s training standards as established by PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency
  • Must successfully complete all York County Deputy Sheriff’s training, as assigned by the training division of the York County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The position of Deputy Sheriff is a law enforcement position requiring advanced education and/or experience and training. A Deputy Sheriff is a sworn law enforcement officer charged to uphold the laws of the County of York, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America.


  •  Must be able to complete Basic new hire training (pre-academy) consisting of:
    • 40 hour firearms Certification
    • OC Certification
    • Expandable Baton Certification
    • Nims 100 and 700 Certifications
    • CPR and Basic First Aid Certification
  • Must be able to complete Courtroom Security Procedures 80  T.O. Hours
  • Must be able to complete Central Booking Procedures 160  T.O. Hours
  • Must be able to complete Prisoner Transport Procedures 24  T.O. Hours
  • Must be able to complete Civil Process Procedures 160  T.O. Hours
  • Must be able to complete Warrant Process Procedures 80  T.O. Hours
  • Successfully complete a one-year probationary period of employment.
  • Act as a representative of the Sheriff with his same authority
  • Attend and successfully complete the state mandated 19- week Deputy Sheriff’s Basic Training Academy and be issued an Act 2 certification number by the Deputy Sheriff’s Education and Training Board within one year of date of hire. The academy consists of 760 hours of training which includes the following courses:
    • Introduction To Criminal Justice System 12 Hours
    • Unified Court System Of Penna. 8 Hours
    • Courtroom Security 8 Hours
    • Civil Law & Procedures 61 Hours
    • Crimes Codes & Criminal Procedures 60 Hours
    • Other Legal Issues 8 Hours
    • Physical & Judicial Security 16 Hours
    • Prisoner Transport 12 Hours
    • Advanced First Aid / CPR 49 Hours
    • Crisis Intervention 16 Hours
    • Families in Crisis & Domestic Violence 8 Hours
    • Firearms Safety & Proficiency 20 Hours
    • Firearms Qualifications 60 Hours
    • Control & Defensive Tactics 56 Hours
    • Less than Lethal Weapons 10 Hours
    • Emergency Vehicle Operation 40 Hours
    • Communications 30 Hours
    • Cultural Diversity 8 Hours
    • PA Anti-Terrorism Training 16 Hours
    • Special Needs Groups 4 Hours
    • Ethic & Prof. Development 16 Hours
    • Physical Conditioning             48 Hours
    • FAA Flying while Armed 2 Hours
    • PA Motor Vehicle Code 56 Hours
    • Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations & HAZMAT 24 Hours
    • Patrol Operations 60 Hours
    • Criminal Investigations 44 Hours
    • Law Enforcement Technologies 8 Hours
  • Must be able to acquire electronic incapacitation devices certifications (Taser, Ice Shield. React Belt, etc.) and re-certifications
  • Must be able to complete annual firearms qualifications
  • Must be able to complete bi-annual OC certification
  • Must have and maintain certification of the JNET system.
  • Must be able to display knowledge of sheriff’s computer S-drive (access and use)
  • Must be able to operate the Live Scan and C-Pin equipment. (fingerprint / photograph processing)
  • Must be able to conduct warrant searches utilizing all available computer resources.
  • Must be able to operate desktop computers, fax machines, copiers and other standard office equipment.
  • Issue permits to carry firearms and perform background investigations
  • Issue firearm licenses to county firearm dealers
  • Must be able to react quickly and calmly to emergency situations and must possess good communication skills
  • Must be able to learn and understand the operation of Mobile Data Computers (computers installed in vehicles equipped with Computer Automated Dispatch)
  • Must be able to learn and understand the operation of the MA/COM P25 trunked radio system. Use proper radio procedures as describe by the Sheriff's Office and the York County Department of Emergency Services
  • Must be able to maintain Deputy Sheriff Act 2 certification by completing required update training every two years. (20 hours of training)
  • Must be able to work cooperatively with other police departments and law enforcement agencies on related tasks and detail
  • Must have the ability to learn within a short period of time the variety of rules and procedures related to his/her duties
  • A deputy sheriff will, at all times whether on or off duty, adhere to all policies of the Sheriff’s Office as recorded in the Rules and Procedures Manual
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and make proper notifications when required. A deputy sheriff must be able to take and follow orders
  • Must be able to work well with the public and possess a professional demeanor at all times
  • Must be able to conduct prisoner transports to and from correctional facilities, detention centers, medical facilities, police departments, and all other associated places of business
  • Must be able to search prisoners and inventory property.
  • Must be able to collect fines, costs, bail, and collateral payments and issue receipts when necessary
  • Must be able to use prisoner emergency restraint chair in a proficient manner
  • Must have working knowledge of the video arraignment process
  • Must have knowledge of process to register Megan’s Law offenders
  • Must be able to provide security for court proceedings ensuring a safe environment for the judges, court personnel, juries, victims, witnesses, prisoners, and all others
  • Must be able to perform inspections of courtrooms and prisoner holding cells
  • Must be able to assist other departments in county facilities with security
  • Provide assistance to other agencies such as Probation, Domestic Relations, District Attorney’s Office, and Children and Youth Services
  • Must have a working knowledge of different types of warrants and detainers to ensure proper service and processing
  • Must possess the knowledge of all paperwork involving the release, incarceration, and transportation of prisoners
  • Must be able to restrain prisoners via handcuffs, shackles, and associated equipment.  A deputy sheriff may require physical effort in restraining and subduing individuals.  These types of tasks may prove to be hazardous
  • Must be able to safely operate motor vehicles assigned to the Sheriff’s Office.  This includes transporting prisoners and if necessary emergency response modes
  • Must be able to operate security equipment with the capability to analyze and recognize items as they pass thru the X-Ray Machines.
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time while assigned to security details
  • Must be able to serve subpoenas, levies, possessions, judgments, break and enter orders, garnishments, mortgage foreclosures, sale notices, seizures, protection from abuse orders, indirect criminal contempt complaints, and domestic relations notices
  • Must be able to conduct personal property sales
  • Must be able to complete certified bike school and conduct bike patrols in assigned areas
  • Must be able to perform foot patrol during scheduled shift
  • Must have the ability to properly monitor and control inmates at court proceedings
  • Must be aware of safety procedures for staff and inmate injuries. In addition, must have the ability to learn and practice methods of emergency first aid and CPR
  • Must be able to work and communicate in conjunction with the corrections officers at York County Prison
  • Must be able to complete criminal complaints, traffic, and non-traffic citations
  • Must have the ability to read and comprehend the PA Crimes Code, PA Vehicle Code, and PA Laws of Criminal Procedure
  • Be able to follow all safety regulations when processing and handling evidence
  • Be able to count and record large sums of currency, print & complete legibly all required documentation pertaining to the security of currency.
  • Must have the ability to read, understand, and follow all procedures pertaining to the processing and handling of seized weapons upon arrest or execution of a Protection From Abuse Order
  • Be able to safely secure and unload all weapons, handling all weapons in a safe manner
  • Complete incident reports involving criminal and non-criminal activity.  He/she must have the ability to recall detail and write in a grammatically correct manner that communicates all points in an understandable way to the reader of said documents
  • Testify in court proceedings
  • Prevention of crime, including detection and apprehension of criminals.  To examine any person whom is believed to be engaged in unlawful activity and investigate or assist the proper agency in the investigation of such persons or activity within the scope of his/her authority
  • Must comply with and enforce laws, ordinances, rules and regulations with firmness and impartiality in a manner that brings no disrespect to the Office of Sheriff