Housing Case Manager

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September 14, 2022
York, PA
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Alexis Gosik
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Job Description: Responsible for providing case management services and case coordination for clients in the Housing program. This person must have or be willing to develop working knowledge of homeless issues, oppression, client advocacy, community resource, drug and alcohol issues, and human development.


  1. Direct Services – Housing
    • Provide case management and a case load of assigned clients for Housing
    • Meet with clients at as directed by the immediate
    • Document all client and family information, including data required by the Director of Operations and CEO.
    • Develop and complete case assessments and service plans with each
    • Complete case notes in an orderly and timely fashion as designated by immediate
    • Assist clients in locating housing within context of program
    • Provide referrals to and coordinate services with adjunct services as
    • Provide timely and substantial client updates to immediate supervisor and client’s parole officer.
  • Assist client with SMART
  • Gain knowledge of various housing opportunities developing an active housing resource
  • Facilitate group or individual meetings to pass on critical skills and provide support for program participants.
  • Counseling clients with behavior management and solution focused techniques to facilitate personal growth and minimize crisis.
  • Utilize all available funding assigned to the Housing Program in order to maximize number of potential clients to be housed.
  • Ensure all rental calculations are completed accurately and in a timely
  • Review client rental calculations with client on an ongoing and continuous
  • Complete discharge summaries, implement after/care plan and provide follow-up services if needed once a client is discharged.
  • Assist Director of Operations in completing program reports to funding sources as outlined in program grants.
  • Work with client to maintain and coordinate budget and savings
  • Assist clients in developing budgeting

B.     Other Duties

  • Develop a positive relationship with community
  • Keep the Director of Operations informed of issues and concerns related to clients and/or
  • Cooperate with and provide information to the Director of Operations and CEO as needed
  • Assist clients in resolving transportation
  • Use personal or agency vehicle to perform agency business with permission of the Director of Operations and or CEO.
  • Attend community meetings as directed by immediate


General Requirements & Skills


  1. Employee must have a valid driver’s license and Travel within Dauphin County and York County is required, and occasional out of area travel may be required. All travel must be pre-approved by Director of Operations and or CEO.

B.     Requirements to Perform at Competent Level

  • Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences or related field and 2-3 years of
  • Counseling
  • Experience with high-risk populations involved with the criminal justice system and or department of corrections preferred.
  • Experience in community networking, providing a safe and nurturing environment for clients and demonstrated organizational skills required.
  • Experience/knowledge of homeless issues, client advocacy, community resources and other high-risk populations desired.
  • The case manager must be sensitive and responsive to the cultural differences in the organizations service population.

C.      Skills / Knowledge Required to Perform at Competent Level

  • Working knowledge of social work theory and
  • Good organizational, communication and interviewing
  • Able to maintain long term
  • Able to meet
  • Possess a nonjudgmental style of case
  • Ability to support goal setting and set appropriate limits with
  • Strong interpersonal
  • Ability to deal effectively with conflict without losing temper, becoming confrontational or speaking in an inappropriate manner.
  • Ability to work
  • Strong time management

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