Bell Socialization Services
August 23, 2022
160 S. George St., York, PA
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Jessica Grove
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717-848-5767 ext. 1517



The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for performing work involving two (2) or more maintenance skills to keep machines, mechanical equipment, appliances, motor vehicles or structure of an establishment in repair. Duties may involve pipefitting, insulating, soldering, machine and equipment repairing and carpentry and electrical work. May also include planning and laying out of work relating to repairs; repairing electrical and/or mechanical equipment; installing, aligning and balancing new equipment; and repairing buildings, floors or stairs. Repair work may be performed on or off premises or site.




1)                Troubleshooting/Repair Issues: Troubleshoot maintenance and repair issues on all Agency property (owned or leased) including buildings and their components, lands, furnishings, fixtures, appliances, equipment (does not include computers, printers, facsimile machines, or copiers) and vehicles. Identify the cause(s), effect(s) and proposed resolution(s) of the maintenance problem(s).

2)                Repairs and Maintenance: Perform necessary repairs and preventative maintenance on all Agency property.

3)                Repair Costs/Purchase Orders: Consult with the supervisor on any repair costs expected to exceed authorized spending limits established by Agency policy before scheduling work or purchasing materials. Obtain the required purchase orders before buying materials and supplies. Complete the required expense request forms accompanied by the original copies of all receipts for purchases and/or outside contractor’s invoices. Originals and all copies of receipts and invoices must indicate the program, vehicle, appliance and/or other equipment to which it applies.

4)                Coordinating Outside Contractors: Assist management in obtaining estimates of cost for outside contractors and consult with the Property Manager before assigning work to any outside contractor. Schedule outside contractors only as directed by the Property Manager and verify the quality and performance of their work.

5)                Health/Safety/Property Issues: Promptly report to supervision, in writing, any concerns regarding health, safety or property maintenance issues that may be noticed, observed or discovered at assigned sites during the performance of duties.

6)                Coordination: Coordinate the assistance of maintenance, custodial or other staff members when work requires more than one (1) person especially when moving unwieldy items or when it is necessary to lift or move anything weighing over 50 (fifty) pounds.




1)                Provide all necessary documentation, including notes and drawings (if applicable) and record all time spent (including travel for materials and supplies) for all work performed. Generate any requested reports concerning maintenance issues.

2)                Assist full-time maintenance worker(s) in maintaining inventory records of tools, equipment, materials and supplies utilized in the performance of their duty.

3)                Apply all necessary health and safety precautions during the performance of duties. Including, but not limited to; washing, gloving and clean up procedures as well as safety clothing, eye and ear protection and safe lifting and moving practices.

4)                Follow and support Agency philosophy, policies and procedures.

5)                Other duties and services as assigned by Property Manager.



General Requirements & Skills

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent, 21 (twenty-one) years old and criminal history check. Possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License, an operational vehicle and required hand tools. Able to lift 50 (fifty) pounds and complete required paperwork/documentation. Specialized training or experience in the building trades (carpentry, electrical, HVAC, etc.) and working knowledge of appliance and automotive operation and repair, and an understanding of lawn care and landscaping. Pennsylvania State Police Background Check. E.O.E

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