County of York
November 18, 2021
York, Pennsylvania
Contact Name
Luana Taylor


Position Summary

A unit secretary (working either alone or as a member of a multi-person support staff team) provides primary secretarial and clerical support for one or more prosecution teams or units within the District Attorney's Office.  This individual also provides backup coverage and assistance to other members of the support staff as needed.  Primary assignments include but are not limited to:  intake, ARD, victim/witness, trial team, juvenile, drug and forfeiture prosecutions.  Primary duties include but are not limited to:  collection and distribution of documentation to and from victims, witnesses, defendants, defense attorneys, police departments, prisons, hospitals and other criminal justice agencies and court offices; preparation, maintenance and storage of computer records, paper files, briefs, criminal history and juvenile delinquency records and other documentation; telephone and front-counter reception; coordination of prisoner transportation; and scheduling of prosecutors and stenographers at preliminary hearings.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Provide routine secretarial and clerical support to prosecutors, administrators, case managers, detectives and victim/witness coordinators, including telephone messages, typing of correspondence, preparation of documents, photocopying, filing, document handling during informal arraignment, current business and ARD court sessions; backup coverage for the office receptionist and any other member of the support staff as needed.
2.   Assist with the training of newly hired or re-assigned support staff.
3. Type and bind briefs, prepare cover letters and proofs of service, make photocopies and distribute briefs to the appropriate Courts of record and opposing counsel or Pro Se defendants.
4.  Obtain, file, copy and disseminate police reports, Court records, certified driving records, medical records, criminal history and delinquency records, police and victim questionnaires and impact statements and other documents necessary for the preparation, evaluation, prosecution and discovery processes; maintain a tracking system for these incoming and outgoing documents.
5.  Screen files and make necessary corrections or additions to the pre-subpoena list and victim/witness entries in the computer database.
6.  Monitor the daily admissions and discharges to and from the York County Prison (YCP) and notify case managers when these admissions and discharges relate to active prosecutions; process requests for clearance from the Sheriff, YCP or other agencies to transport prisoners out of YCP; verify the whereabouts and availability of defendants incarcerated in other facilities; prepare, process and distribute transportation orders for defendants housed in facilities other than YCP; maintain a computer database of all extradition and interstate transfer cases, prepare waivers of extradition and applications for Governor's Warrants and file detainers with prisons and other law enforcement and correctional institutions.
7.  Receive and process ARD admission and dismissal applications from defendants and/or attorneys; assist defendants in completing those forms; explain the ARD application process and standard conditions of the program to defendants, victims, law enforcement personnel and other members of the Court system and general public; track CRN evaluations and notify interested parties of the results.
8.  Create paper and computer database files for criminal, juvenile, summary, ICC, forfeiture, private complaint, private detective and extradition cases; update and maintain these files over the life of the case; conduct NCIC/CLEAN criminal history and juvenile delinquency record checks; assign new or existing defendant ID numbers; prepare and distribute detailed arraignment lists; process waiver of arraignment forms.
9.  Maintain detailed and accurate accounting records to quantify, process and distribute funds, physical property and other assets seized during criminal investigations; prepare forms and legal documents as required for the forfeiture of seized assets; prepare and submit quarterly reports for the State Attorney General's Office; maintain records of all transactions between the various agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, State Attorney General's Office, Treasurer's Office and other municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies; prepare, process and submit purchase orders, requests for quotes and bids, inventory reports and payment invoices for purchases through the asset forfeiture account; monitor and process all actions relating to the purchase, sale, auction, transfer, registration, inspection and titling of seized and forfeited vehicles.
10. Assign prosecutors and stenographers to attend preliminary hearings in accordance with established guidelines; advise prosecutors and stenographers of any changes in assignment schedules; document all preliminary hearing assignments in the master calendar; maintain documents prepared by prosecutors for preliminary hearings and integrate those documents into the permanent case folders prior to arraignment.
11.  Assist victim/witness coordinators and other members of the office staff in explaining the status and progressive stages of the prosecution of their cases and services available to them; prepare, send and receive victim/witness packets and case disposition letters; maintain accurate records to reflect the type, volume and extent of service offered and provided to specific victims and witnesses; notify victims and witnesses of the date and time of court appearances and interviews.
12.  Receive and administratively review all applications for private criminal complaint, maintain a computer database of those applications, assist prosecutors and detectives in the investigation of those complaints and notify the applicants of the disposition of those investigations.
13. Any other clerical or secretarial duties unique to the specific mission and workload of the team/unit to which the secretary is assigned, as well as those additional duties assigned temporarily or permanently by a supervisor or member of the executive staff.

Essential Requirements

This position requires a minimum of a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency. Candidates must demonstrate: proficiency in utilizing general office equipment including; typewriter, photo copier, facsimile machine, and personal computer; a professional demeanor in appearance, speech and behavior; trustworthiness of maintaining confidentiality in all matters; accuracy in entering numerical and alpha data to include satisfactory spelling, punctuation and grammatical skills. This individual must be comfortable and professional when communicating with all other court-related agencies throughout the Commonwealth. This employee must demonstrate the ability to work as a team, as well as the ability to function without the need for direct supervision.  Applicants must possess (or demonstrate sufficient potential to rapidly acquire) proficiency in Microsoft Office Professional programs and basic legal secretarial skills.

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