County of York
March 16, 2021
Judicial Center, York, PA
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$18.29 Hourly
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Luana Taylor
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A Victim/Witness Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of a broad array of services to victims and witnesses of crime, as well as for program development through appropriate public relations, public education and the recruitment of additional program resources.

General Requirements & Skills

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the provision of services between the criminal justice system and victims and witnesses.
  • Ensure that victims and witness understand the protections afforded to them against intimidation or harassment as a result of their participation in the criminal justice process.
  • Notify victims of their opportunity to provide input at critical stages of the criminal justice process, including plea negotiations, victim impact statements at sentencing, and input at parole and other inmate release proceedings.
  • Upon request of the victim of a felony assault crime, provide victims with notification of criminal proceedings, case status and final disposition of cases, and post-disposition status such as the assailant's participation in work release, furlough or an other form of supervised or unsupervised release from incarceration.
  • Provide support and court-related services to victims of crime, including: empathetic listening; guidance in resolving practical problems; advocacy with social service and criminal justice agencies; employer/creditor/school intervention; and explanation of and preparation for court proceedings.
  • Disseminate information to all appropriate agencies within the County regarding the availability and eligibility criteria of the Crime Victim Compensation Program and apprise those agencies of any statutory or regulatory amendments affecting the Crime Victim Compensation Fund.Assist victims with claim applications.
  • Assist with the scheduling of victims' and witnesses' appearance for court proceedings during the trial term and notification of victims and witnesses in the event of the rescheduling of court appearances.
  • Provide emotional support and practical assistance to victims and witnesses through advocacy and accompaniment at criminal proceedings.
  • Establish contact between the department and the victim (or victim's family) as soon as possible after the incident in cases of serious personal injury or death, so as to establish a support system.
  • Compile restitution data to be considered for inclusion in court orders.
  • Participate in public speaking and public education programs regarding victim services.
  • Act as a referral source for victims who need further assistance in counseling, financial aid, housing or other special needs resulting from their status as a victim.
  • Facilitate the judicial process for victims and witnesses through employer intercession, transportation and child care services.
  • Other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisor.

Essential Requirements

  • This position requires a bachelor's degree in criminology, sociology or related field from an accredited institution.
  • A Coordinator is member of one or more Trial Teams and/or specialized prosecution units and must be capable of prioritizing workload and balancing competing demands for service.
  • This individual must possess a thorough understanding of the basic principles of victim assistance and must be familiar with the structure and function of the various law enforcement and social service agencies in the County.
  • This individual must be able to communicate effectively with individuals and groups both orally and in written correspondence, and must also be comfortable and effective in public speaking situations.
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