July 26, 2021
York, Pennsylvania
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Earvin Gonzalez


Member Position Summary

AMERICORPS Immigrant Integration Specialist members serving with the Immigrant Workforce and Economic Empowerment AmeriCorps Program members provide a range of direct services to economically disadvantage individuals including one-on-one tutoring and workshops on financial education (household budget, banking, saving for a goal, credit score management, etc.) and job advancement (resume writing, work ethic, etc.) as well as support for eligible LPRs to apply for US citizenship. (Tutoring, teaching ESOL / Citizenship classes, N-400 assistance, Citizenship workshops, and coordinating volunteers).

Required Training Prior to Member Placement

CASA will provide a two (2) week orientation program at the beginning of the Service Year. The Training will include financial education and naturalization content, as well as best practices on outreach, record keeping, and other relevant issues.


The training includes an overview of National Service, the role of CNCS and the Pennsylvania’s PennSERVE, as well as training on prohibited activities as described by CNCS.


In order to be able to provide free income tax preparation services, members will be required to obtain an IRS certification. CASA will provide a free training, usually in January, to facilitate members to be certified.


Access to Vulnerable Populations

AmeriCorps member serving on this position has recurring access to vulnerable populations as described by CNCS.


Member Impact

Members will be able to improve the quality of life and integration of immigrants to the broader Society by helping program participants to improve their financial skills and knowledge, prepare high-quality and accurate taxes and preparing the citizenship application for Lawful Permanent Residents.


Members will be evaluated about outcomes such as number of people who receive financial education services and outputs such as how many of those participants showed actual improvement in their financial skills and confidence, as well as their soft-skills require in every job environment, such as learning will, teamwork, communication, and professionalism.


The member will conduct as well outreach activities to ensure the program target population register to participate in the program.

General Requirements & Skills

Essential Functions of Position

  • Direct Services
  1. Facilitate and/or coordinate workshops and individualized coaching sessions focused on naturalization, financial literacy and economic development, and access to public benefits.
  2. Teach and/or coordinate citizenship preparation courses.
  3. Assist Legal Permanent Residents to complete the Citizenship application form (N-400).
  4. Conduct outreach activities to identify potential program participants.
  5. Prepare taxes for program participants during the February / April tax season.
  6. Facilitate and/or coordinate workshops and individualized coaching sessions focused on naturalization, financial literacy and economic development, and access to public benefits
  7. Provide direct services to low income families, immigrants and Latinx job seekers.
  8. Create resumes and cover letters, apply for jobs, prepare for interviews.
  9. Assist community members with financial budget charts.
  10. Assist community members with financial credit checks.
  11. Coach participants so they can complete these tasks independently in the future.
  12. Provide group and individual trainings aimed at workforce integration.
  13. With CASA’s workforce development coordinator, develop employer partnerships through research and targeted outreach.
  14. Maintain organized program files and spreadsheets.
  15. With CASA’s workforce development coordinator develop employment campaigns and special events.
  16. Facilitate and/or coordinate workshops and individualized coaching sessions.
  17. Conduct outreach activities to identify potential program participants. 
  • Information Gathering
  1. Strengthen and develop
  2. organizational partnerships with existing community and faith-based organizations that serve immigrant communities in Pennsylvania.
  3. Conduct needs assessments and provide community education within immigrant community
  4. Update organizational databases based on activities conducted. 
  • Community Involvement / Leadership Development / Volunteer Management
  1. Develop volunteer opportunities related to immigrant integration and U.S. citizenship.
  2. Train and coordinate volunteers to participate in immigrant integration workshops or Citizenship mentoring.
  3. Reach out other community organizations to offer program’s services to their constituents.



The AmeriCorps member will not be allowed to perform duties that violate the AmeriCorps Prohibited Activities or fall outside of the program goals.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Experience performing duties in multicultural environments.
  • Excellent English writing and language skills (bilingual in Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin, Thai, or Hindi preferred).
  • Highly organized and efficient, “can-do” attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail; high degree of initiative.
  • Access to personal transportation.
  • Fast learner.
  • Some knowledge of popular education preferred.


Required Academic and Experience Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or GED or agree to obtain one during the service year.
  • Having a Bachelor degree on social sciences is a plus.


Other required Qualifications

  • Ability to perform all of the duties outlined above.
  • U.S. Citizen or U.S. Legal Permanent Resident (recently naturalized citizens are encouraged to apply).
  • At least 17 years old.
  • Pass a national service criminal history check of the national sex-offender registry, state repository checks (Pennsylvania and state of residence), and FBI fingerprint check, before starting national service.
  • Express commitment to complete one year of National Service.

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