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September 1, 2021
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To provide services to promote and support independence in the lives of individuals who have an intellectual Disability. To enable them to live full quality lives as an integrated member of their community. 


The Direct Support Professional (DSP) in the behavior management home is responsible for providing direct services of the highest quality to people with intellectual disabilities and possibly mental health issues so they can live in the community, live a quality life, and live as independently as possible.  The DSP is responsible for the day-to-day duties necessary for the residential program to operate smoothly.  Schedules include evenings, holidays, and weekends.  The DSP works directly with individuals who live in the behavior management home and must implement and document Individuals’ goal and intervention plans. This position may require lifting depending on the needs of the individuals

Because of the nature of this Agency, it is essential that the DSP believe in the philosophy of the Agency as well as be able to implement programs that are viable and essential to the individual’s need.

Critical Elements:

1.  Ensure the Safety of Staff and Individuals: The DSP has frequent direct contact with the Individuals assigned to that program.  The DSP must: be observant of safety issues and concerns, respond promptly to all reports regarding safety issues and concerns, correct what can be corrected and report what cannot be corrected by them to the DSPS or Senior DSP.  Examples of duties:

a)                  Inspect the site regularly to ensure compliance with safety regulations

b)                  Check the hot water temperature to be sure it is less than 120o F

c)                   Closely supervise Individuals in the community as per the individuals ISP and annual assessment

d)                  Follow the use of Universal Precautions

e)        Report all allegations or suspicions of abuse to the Incident Manager via the IM Cell phone

f)         Conduct monthly fire drills and fire safety checks for the home

g)        Assess the Individual’s safety needs and provide services and supports that will maximize their safety

h)        Follow all ISP’s, annual assessments, behavioral support plans, SEEN plans, medical education plans and all other plans as they are written

i)          Ensure Smoke Alarms, Radon (if applicable), and CO2 detectors are fully functioning

j)                    Ensure seat belts are worn in vehicles

k)                  Ensure all exits from the home are free of ice, snow, and debris to the designated fire emergency meeting location

l)                    Report maintenance issues

m)                 Follow universal precautions

n)                  Implement all safety aspects and needs of the individuals as written in the ISP

2.  Ensure the Individual’s Needs are Met:    The Direct Support Professional must ensure all services provided are individualized based on the needs of each Individual.  Individual needs vary, therefore, what services and supports are provided are dependent on the individual’s needs.  The Program Coordinator will coordinate the assessments of each Individual to identify their needs and determine what type of assistance is necessary to support the Individual in their home.  Examples of duties in this area:

a)        Ensure Program Coordinator has all information necessary to complete annual assessments

b)        Develop services based on the Individual’s interests and desires (i.e., Individual choice)

c)         Implement goal plans as written to help the individuals attain higher levels of independence

d)        Teach skills to Individuals and allow them to complete tasks as independently as possible

e)        Implement ISP’s and all support plans as they are written

f)         Monitor the Individual’s finances by reviewing the house accounts and other Individual spending

g)        Provide encouragement and support for Individuals to become an involved member of their community

h)        Assist with activities of daily living (personal hygiene, dressing, dental care, etc)

i)          Transport individuals to appointments, activities, and programs

j)          Administer medications in accordance with Medication Administration Training

k)        Ensure an adequate supply of medications are in the home

l)          Ensure nutritious meals are prepared and served according to posted menus which meet dietary guidelines and individuals preferences

m)       Provide recreational activities based on Individual interests

n)        Understand that work schedules are based on the needs of the individuals and may change if the individuals needs change

o)        Adjust work schedules to meet the changing needs of the Individuals

3.  Ensure all Household Operations Maintain a High Level of Quality:   The Direct Support Professional is responsible for monitoring all the household operations for the residential program site assigned.  The Direct Support Professional will perform household tasks by involving the Individuals and encourage them to be as independent as possible.  The Direct Support Professional will ensure high standards are met by completing any tasks that the Individuals are unable to completely perform. The highest level of standards will be maintained within budgetary and fiscal guidelines.  Examples of duties in this area:

a)        Monitor the home to ensure it is clean and in good repair

b)        General household cleaning

c)         Ensure the exterior of homes and the adjoining properties are maintained and well kept (i.e., grass mowed, hedges trimmed, flower beds weeded, painted as needed) submitting maintenance requests as needed (residential staff are responsible for weeding)

d)        Monitor the assigned vehicles to ensure they are kept clean, in good repair, and well maintained

e)        Assist Individual in making purchases

f)         Be conservative regarding the use of utilities (heat, water, etc.)

4.  Communicates With Others:   The Direct Support Professional must represent Bell Socialization Services, Inc., in a professional manner.  The Direct Support Professional must participate in the communication chain of the Residential Program Supervisors and the Residential Program Coordinator on significant program issues.  Information must be communicated in a timely, accurate, and professional manner for the services to operate smoothly. Additionally, the Direct Support Professional must process written and verbal communication for various internal departments in a timely and accurate fashion as determined by the department.  Examples of duties in this area:

a)        Interact appropriately, positively and professionally with Individuals

b)        Interact professionally and respectfully with parents, coworkers, outside agencies, medical personnel, and anyone you interact with during work hours

c)         Ensure incidents are reported in accordance with state regulations

d)        Keep informed of Agency information, policies, and procedures

e)        Keep informed on information regarding program operations and personnel issues

f)         Carry out the directives of supervisory personnel

g)        Ensure time sheets, billings, check requests, expense requests, grocery receipts, and other paperwork is submitted correctly and in a timely fashion

h)        Ensure medication errors are documented on the medication log and report errors to the Incident Manager via the IM cell phone

i)          Complete all required paperwork accurately and in a timely manner

j)          Utilize the On Call system according to policy (ex. calling off sick)

k)        Request permission from the DSPS to make changes in the weekly schedule

l)          Report important information to you supervisor and co-workers to ensure a consistent flow of information

m)       Attend mandatory monthly house meetings

5.  Ensure the Program Site is in Compliance with All Regulations:   The Direct Support Professional must be knowledgeable and informed on all applicable regulations.  The Direct Support Professional must monitor the site to ensure compliance is maintained with all State and County regulations, bulletins, and health alerts.  Examples of duties in this area are:

a)        Ensure personnel records at the site contain all required information and filed appropriately at the site

b)        Ensure all medical appointments are completed within regulatory time frames and that all paperwork is filled out accurately and completely

c)         Ensure Assessments and Assessment Summaries are completed annually, prior to IHP/IPP

d)        Complete all paperwork in a timely, accurate and thorough manner

e)        Ensure medication logs are accurate, match pharmacy labels, and are documented correctly

f)         Ensure medication questionnaires are completed for each medication and are signed by a physician and pharmacist

g)        Ensure controlled medications are counted and documented daily, and stored in a double locked area

h)        Ensure Individuals review their rights and sign the form annually

i)          Monitor the program site for compliance with all applicable regulations

j)          Correct and/or report all areas of non-compliance to the supervisory personnel

6.  Ensure Programs Offer Services in a Manner Consistent with Bell’s Philosophies:   The Direct Support Professional must be familiar with Bell’s Policy and Procedures Manual, as well as philosophical beliefs.  The Direct Support Professional will ensure services provided are consistent with policies, procedures, and philosophies of the Agency.  In the Intellectual Disability Department, philosophies utilized include Individual directed services, person centered planning, positive approaches, normalization, everyday lives philosophies, and behavioral psychology.  Examples of duties in this area:

a)           Maintain Bell’s Policy and Procedures Manual

b)           Encourage involvement of Individuals’ families

c)           Support Individual’s choices

d)           Advocate for Individual’s rights

7. Additional Elements

a)        Support other programs in the ID Department.

b)        Attend mandatory meetings and trainings

c)         Develop positive relations with neighbors and the community.

d)        Network with Bell support staff.

e)        Complete assigned tasks on time.

f)         Other duties as assigned by the Residential Program Coordinator or RPS.

g)        Obtain 24 hours of training annually



General Requirements & Skills

Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma or equivalent and 1 year working in the MH/IDD field or human service field; minimum age 21 years; current driver’s license, insurable driving record, and reliable transportation; current physical and Mantoux (TB) and free from contagious disease; and Act 33 clearance and PA State Police Background check.
Only registered members can apply for jobs.

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