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March 16, 2021
York, Pennsylvania
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Create and monitor Accounting Notes (5,000 to 6,000 cases weekly) within the Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) to ensure defendant compliance with established payment plans – 3,000 plus.  Generate and mail overdue notices – 100 plus per week. Suspend/restore driver licenses in regard to failure to pay/payment plan compliance – approximately 35/25 per week.  Prepare and file civil judgments with the Prothonotary for cases totaling more than $1,000 – 75 per week on average – and assist settlement companies/defendants in satisfying civil judgments – 25 per week on average.  Generates reports on cases assessed but not yet placed on a payment plan. Reviews report and creates electronic payment plans within CPCMS – approximately 150 cases plus per week.
Attend cost contempt court meeting with defendants prior to and during court to establish payment plan agreements subject to the approval of the Court – approximately 30 agreements per court event.  Present cost contempt cases to the Court for defendants appearing on bench warrants if management is not available to do so.  Refer/return payment plans to third party collections – approximately 70 per week – as well as addressing any questions from third party vendors and/or defendants referred to collections.  Interacts with the Adult Probation and state Parole to notify assigned Probation or Parole officer of a defendant’s failure to pay which may result in a driver license suspension or other sanctions.  Maintains current defendant and victim addresses by monitoring all correspondence returned and referencing PA Justice Network - JNET, Accurint and county databases.

General Requirements & Skills

  • Search for, create and modify payments plans within the Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS)
  • Review reports to assist in management of payment plans to include –
  • Vehicle Code Title 75 reports, probation released reports to assume supervision of payment plans for defendants exiting supervision,
  • Monthly judgment reports to review cases paid in full but not yet satisfied with Prothonotary’s office
  • Case reports on specific docket types to include Miscellaneous Docket (MD) Indirect Criminal Contempt (ICC) and Summary Conviction Appeals (SA)
  • Manage overdue payments by sending dunning letters, refer defendants to be scheduled for delinquency hearings
  • Refer accounts to a collection agency either manually or through the creation of a dunning letter
  • Return a payment plan from collections
  • Manage reasons used for placing holds on delinquency actions and returning payment plans from collections
  • Hold and resume delinquency action on an account
  • Answer defendant/payor phone calls/emails and address questions/concerns, negotiate terms/conditions of payment, encourage payment plan compliance, assess ability to pay to include review of Labor & Industry wage information available via JNET, and reference potential sanctions
  • Review/docket inmate mail, miscellaneous mail, SSD from attorneys, medical information, information received from rehabilitation/therapeutic facilities
  • Monitor Accounting Notes specifically in re to those defendants receiving public assistance and notifying the Department of Human Services local Public Assistance Office when a client/defendant is no longer in payment plan compliance
  • Create DL-38CCA & DL-38CCD driver license suspension/restoration forms within CPCMS notifying PennDOT of the defendant’s failure to make payments on fines, costs and/or restitution
  • Re-set payment plans in consultation with state Parole, mail payment plan coupons to the defendant and provide state Parole with the case cost sheet
  • Create batch headers for document imaging and docket all correspondence received
  • Attend periodic training to include CPCMS Fiscal Training (assessments, payments, receipting, and escrow), Accounting Level II concepts – voiding and reprinting receipts, removing holds, transferring money to escrow, bulk check processing, understanding bank account register and cashier sessions, making deposits, Reconciliations and Revenue Reports – Creating and printing checks, bank account reconciliation, revenue reports and master account checks – Accounting Administration – Held Disbursements, Cashier/Cost Center Unit Administration, Bank Account Administration Accounting – related forms and reports; customer service training – communicating with tact, diplomacy and professionalism; JNET Quarterly meeting attendance; legislative hearings re collections
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