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September 1, 2021
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PURPOSE OF THE SELF (Support and Empower Living Fundamentals)PROGRAM:

To provide services and supports to individuals so that they may live where they wish in the community; to teach skills that will enrich lives; to enable people to have a quality life; to become productive members of the community and to become as independent as possible.




The Independent Service Worker (ISW) provides “hands on” consumer directed services and supports for families and consumers to ensure their needs are met and which allows them to continue to live with their families or to live independently in their community. Individuals who are receiving services and/or their families have input on hiring, evaluations and continuation of employment. The use of a personal car to transport individuals is required.




1)        Flexibility:  The ISW must adjust their work schedule to meet the needs of the families and individual consumers. They must have a positive attitude about changes in program, staffing and service to the consumers. The types of services provided will change as consumer and family needs change.

2)        Ensure the Safety of Others:  The ISW will observe safety practices and review any concerns and/or issues with the Individual Service Supervisor. Some examples are:

a)      When transporting consumers, seat belts are required to be worn at all times.

b)      Transport consumers only when weather conditions are acceptable.

c)      Ensure the consumers are available to take medications at the prescribed times.

d)      Attend trainings for individuals and their families to assist with safety issues.

e)      Will not jeopardize the consumers' health and/or well-being.

f)       Have current First-Aid and CPR certification and be willing to utilize the training in the event of an emergency.

3)        Ensure Individual Consumer’s Family Needs are Met as Determined by the Individual and/or their Family.

a)      The ISW will follow through with the established/coordinated training plan and goals for the consumer.

b)      The ISW must use good active listening skills and incorporate the consumers’ desires into training activities.

c)      The ISW will ensure the individuals are able to attend activities, appointments and that training plans are implemented and documented consistently.

d)      They may have to lift consumers and perform personal care tasks that may include bathing, toileting and grooming needs.

e)      Good attendance and punctuality is required.

f)       Provide transportation for the consumers in staff’s personal vehicle is required.

g)      Supports to maintain the family will be utilized if the individual lives with the family.

4)        Ensure Proper Communication Occurs:  The ISW needs to become an expert on the individuals and families with whom they are assigned to work. Information needs to be communicated in a timely, accurate and professional manner for the services to run smoothly. Communication includes both verbal and written information. Examples of duties in this area:

a)      Interact positively and professionally with the consumers.

b)      Interact respectfully with families and other staff.

c)      Attend team and/or family meetings.

d)      Accept instructions from Individual Service Supervisor.

e)      Keep Individual Service Supervisor informed of all important information and issues.

f)       Participate in consumers’ goal development.

g)      Document charts and files in a timely manner.

h)      Ensure that incidents are reported in accordance with state regulations.

i)       Complete time sheets accurately and submit them to the Individual Service Supervisor in a timely manner.

j)       Complete all required paperwork correctly and in a timely manner.

k)      Request permission from the Individual Service Supervisor to be absent from work for vacation, illness or any other reason.

l)       Be honest.

5)        Ensure Program is in Compliance with All Regulatory Requirements, Policies, Procedures and Expectations.

a)      The ISW must be familiar with all applicable regulations and will attend trainings to understand the necessity of complying with the regulations. They are responsible for ensuring that all services and supports are provided in a manner consistent with applicable regulations, ensure compliance with the regulations and correct or report areas where corrections are needed to the Individual Service Supervisor.

b)      The ISW must be familiar with Bell’s Policy and Procedure Manual, applicable guidelines and expectations. Examples are:

I.     Adhere to approved work schedules.

II.     Transport consumers when necessary.

III.     Implement goal plans.

6)        Implement Services in a Manner Consistent with Bell’s Philosophies:  The ISW must be familiar with Bell’s Policy and Procedures Manual as well as Bell’s philosophical beliefs. The ISW must provide services and supports in a manner that is consistent with all these policies, procedures and ideologies. In the Intellectual Disability Department, the philosophies utilized include:

a)      Person Centered Planning.

b)      Positive Approaches.

c)      Normalization/Social Role Valorization and Everyday Lives.

d)      The Positive Approaches Concept coupled with Behavioral Psychology.

7)        Be Innovative and Creative in Improving Services:  The ISW will participate in Team Meetings and scheduled trainings. The ISW will make suggestions to the Individual Service Supervisor on ways to improve services for the clients. The ISW will listen to the consumers and families and provide services in a consumer directed model. The development of a community network is an essential part of the services provided.




1)        Accept changes in work schedule to meet the consumer’s needs.

2)        Complete time sheets accurately and in a timely manner.

3)        Follow through on assigned tasks.

4)        Complete Agency New Hire Orientation within the first 90 (ninety) days of employment.

5)        Attend trainings.

6)        Provide a variety of experiences to consumers based on their needs.

7)        Support the consumers in exercising their rights.

8)        Support the consumers’ choices and preferences.

9)        Interact as a member of the Multi- Disciplinary Team.

10)     Network with other Bell support staff.

11)     Complete assigned tasks on time.

12)     Other duties as assigned by the Individual Service Supervisor.



General Requirements & Skills

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma, or equivalent, minimum age 21 years; current Pennsylvania Driver’s License, insurable driving record and reliable transportation, current physical, Mantoux (TB) and free from contagious diseases; and Act 33 clearance and Pennsylvania State Police Background Check.
Only registered members can apply for jobs.

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